Lord Jones CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews

$ 30.00

Our CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews are made by hand in small batches from single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate and are infused with the finest broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) promotes a calm sense of well-being.* Each chew contains 20mg of CBD.

20mg CBD per individual chew, 5 count per box, 100mg total 

Helps promote a calm sense of well-being*

Non-psychoactive, broad spectrum CBD extract derived from select hemp cultivated in the USA. Contains no THC.

Lab-tested to ensure purity and potency

Gluten free

Store at room temperature

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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I have found my one true sin

Oh my!! How did I live without these !
Amazing satisfying relaxing !
Thank you !

Tasty and calming!

First, I just have to say, the packaging on this product is TO DIE. It would make a fabulous gift.

I have anxiety and panic attacks so I thought I’d give these a try. They are yummy and chewy, like a big, coffee flavored tootsie roll! I definitely noticed the sense of calm that it gave me, though I won’t have them before bed anymore because whatever little caffeine is in the espresso and chocolate kept me up for a while! These are a great start to my day if I wake up feeling anxious or overwhelmed.


These taste so much better than the gummies. They really are a treat. All the products work well, but this one is such a pleasure to eat.

Treat yo self

I really like the packaging for this. It reminds of cigars. I've been eating one at night after dinner as a nice chocolate treat to help me relax and unwind.

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